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WOW: Guy Turns a Lost Bet Into an EPIIC Win!

Jimmy Keith Jun 11, 2017
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This guy, anonymous, lost a bet to this girl, also without a provided name He is loosening his belt for a good reason, wait until you see why….

#1 He Loses a Bet to Foxy Jessica Nigri, AND This is What he Has to do?!

This guy lost a bet, and now he has to swap clothes with cosplayer Jess. . . Okay, first comes the stripe tease?

#2 The Clothing Exchange

This dude may have lost BUT being dressed as Jessica is hilariously winning!

#3 Jessica Tries to Get His Eye-Contact

All Jess has to do is slip off her dress, that’s easily and this guy’s wondering, “How the HELL did I get so damn lucky by losing?”

#4 The Final Strip!

Okay, he’s can’t help but have a big smile now..

#5 Having Second Thoughts?

Either he’s being overly dramatic or unsure of what’s to come next?