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Women Reveal 10 Things That Makes Them Wet

Baby Shark Feb 13, 2018
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Now, this article has a title that gets everyone’s attention. I’m not bragging or anything, all guys want to learn better ways to turn their girl on. I can respect that. And I’m happy to announce that today, I can deliver you this information – the 15 best ways you can turn a girl on in 10 minutes or less. Some of the methods may be known to you or your friends, but there are surely a few gems in here that will get your game to the next levels.

Easy Does It

Women’s bodies are very sensitive to touch, and when you do it slowly across her skin, she’ll start feeling the effects of oxytocin, a chemical that the body releases which causes feelings of comfort, relaxation, closeness, and love.

Look Her in the Eyes

Paying attention when she talks, looking her deeply in the eyes, and being a good listener and overall conversations are bound to increase the rapport she feels with you. Try to get her to share some of her deeper thoughts, desires, and feelings.

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