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Woman With One Arm Has The Best Tinder Bio… And Guy Wants To Propose

Jimmy Keith Aug 12, 2017
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Lauren, 21, lost her left arm in a moped accident but refused to let that put a dampener on her dating profile.

The brunette’s Tinder page features a shot of her smiling in a flattering pink dress, but it’s her job description and bio on the site which has really caught people’s eyes.

Joker Lauren lists her job on the app as “arms dealer”, and describes herself as “hands down the best catch on tinder”.

She goes on to give herself a series of ratings, including “face 10/10”, “body 9/10”, “personality 20/10” and, brilliantly: “arms 1/2”.

Her sense of humour has turned Lauren into a Twitter sensation, after an account shared a screenshot of her profile with the caption: “I can already tell she has the best personality by her job title”.

And other fellas are clamouring to give Lauren a swipe right, with one going so far as to say: “I want to marry her? Like right now”.

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