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Wife Leaves Husband Bathroom Mirror Notes That Are Sweet In An Extremely Mean Way.

Baby Shark Jan 12, 2018
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In a world of viral tweets, the latest one to have become lucky was posted by a St. Louis-based photographer Michael B. Thomas. He posted a photograph of mirror notes that his wife leaves him on the bathroom mirror and man are they fun! They are even more fun because his wife is his best friend and the notes may be a little offensive to the typical, non-best friend husband,

The notes read:

You look dusty
Your hairline is uneven
You ain’t even that cute!

If this isn’t a great marriage, I don’t know what is. It doesn’t matter to Thomas’s wife if his hairline is uneven. What matters is that million dollar smile, the photograph of which has been shared over the internet more than 17k times!. And here is a hilarious tweet about what the wife may have to say regarding all the viral fame.

I think the time isn’t far away when these two are going to have their own talk-show on the radio where they give hilarious relationship advice. Keeping fingers crossed!