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Why Most Of The People Find Coke At McDonald’s Taste Better

Jimmy Keith Aug 25, 2017
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Coke is considered as one of the best soft drinks in the world. Most of the people living all over the world prefer Coke over other drinks . There are a lot of reasons behind it , one of which is the unique formula that makes it different from others. Though many brands have now tried to copy the same formula that Coke has used but still the brand of Coke is so big now that people do not consider other alternatives even if they are being sold for free.

Coke has always captured its customers interests through different great marketing strategies and by introducing new and new promotions every other day.

Due to so much love for coke , most of the big multinational restaurants also use coke as their soft drink served to customers.

McDonald’s, one of the best multinational company very well known all over the world for its high quality hamburgers and fast foods in quick time is also one of the top customers of Coke.

Many of the people find coke at McDonald’s taste a lot better than the one they buy from local market or in any local restaurant. But what is the reason behind it ? The brand is the same , the formula is the same but why a lot of difference in tastes of the same drink ?

Well , we know that 85% of the soft drinks contain water and whenever the water is not good, the drink tastes bad for a person. McDonald’s is very careful in maintaining their quality from whether it is water , foods or its ambiance. McDonald’s use high quality reverse osmosis filter that is basically used to remove impurities from water and makes the water pure and smell good. That is the reason that as they use the best form of water , their coke tastes a lot better than the usual one’s bought in cans or bottles from other venues.