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What Part of Your Body Do You Wash First? Here’s What That Says About Your Personality.

Baby Shark Dec 15, 2017
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It seems lately that psychology has been advancing at a rapid pace. Psychologists tend to hint that everything we eat, wear, feel and do reflects upon our personality and mental/emotional health. The most recent development in this pattern is that when we take a bath, the first thing we wash tells about personality.

It may sound overwhelming at first (you can run you hide but you can’t escape psychological evaluation at the hands of these mind-readers) but it is no doubt interesting. Read on to find out more.

1. The Face

Face is the most important of our external parts of body. Since it is the face that we use to communicate, people who wash their faces first are more extroverts. They like to project a good impression of themselves (they can be vain, ambitious about money, power or career or they may just be looking for a partner).

2. The Hair

It is said that this category of people is the opposite of the first one. These people are more artsy and tend to listen to their whims and feeling rather than logic. Money is not a goal for them (as is the case with most artists). They tend to be lazy but hardworking and goal-oriented.

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