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WATCH: Harvey Weinstein Gets Smacked In The Face Leaving A Scottsdale Restaurant. Twice.

Ayesha JT Jan 12, 2018
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Sure, people shouldn’t take law into their own hands and shouldn’t go about punishing people themselves; but when the likes of Nazi sympathizers and alleged rapists (alleged only in the law, to everyone their status as sexual offenders is as good as etched on stone) get slapped around, we can’t help but relish these moments.

Initially, it was Nazi Richard Spencer who got punched in the face on Trump’s inauguration day, which gave birth to a thousand memes.

This time, it’s the real deal. It’s the devil being smacked and who wouldn’t enjoy that? This time, Harvey Weinstein (whom you should know to be a sexual offender, it was a big deal the previous days) got smacked at a Scottsdale restaurant.

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