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Vapor rub Does What?! I Would Never Have Imagined It Could Be Used Like This

Baby Shark Oct 30, 2017
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Remember when we were all younger and would get excited just at the prospect of a sore throat and flu because it meant that we would be treated with Vicks VapoRub! It did work wonders for opening up our sinuses plus it felt so cool and soothing! I, for one, loved it!
Now after many years I hear about VapoRub again and this time in a different context. Turns out that it not only worked wonders for the symptoms of our flu, it also works wonders for many other things. Much like a basic DIY ingredient, this ointment is going to help you out in so many ways! Just read the whole article to get yourself acquainted with the wonders of VapoRub.

1. Fight off toe fungus

Thymol is an antiseptic and antibacterial and has the same effects on fungus as it has on the symptoms of flu, cold and cough. This thymol is a basic component of Vaporub. So use it on your toes to get rid of that athlete’s foot!

2. Soothe Sunburns

Who knew that VapoRub can help with the stinginess from sunburns? Well now you know so do try it!

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