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Two Siblings Sing Rendition Of Famous Adele Song – The Reggae Style Is What Gets It 70 Million Views

Baby Shark Jan 20, 2018
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“Hello” by Adele has seen a lot of attention; people have made countless parodies of it, people have made numerous covers of the song and there have been innumerable memes based on the song. Recently, however, we discovered this one particular cover of the song done by a talented brother and sister, in their special “reggae-style”.

14-year-old Rosie Delmah and her brother Nicholas Murray, better known as Rodesha and Conkarah, are the creators of this new cover. The siblings are from the Solomon Islands, where reggae is a very large part of their lifestyle, culture and music scene. Conkarah decided to create his own twist on Adele’s “Hello” by giving it a reggae identity and he asked his sister if she would perform the vocals.

The performance of the brother-sister duo is absolutely remarkable.

It’s no easy task to make a cover of a song that is already so perfect but the cover done by these guys is a testament to their musical talent.

The cover kicks off with the talented voice of Rosie, who can copy Adele to a perfect pitch. Conkarah joins soon afterwards and gives the song new identity by mixing by reggae beats to it.

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