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Top Instagram Models Make Millions By Doing Nothing At All

Jimmy Keith Aug 11, 2017
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It would be a dream to earn a lot by doing nothing, no? Most of us put in a lot of efforts to earn big money, yet are not able to. But what these Instagram models did is going to get you filled with envy. They earn about $100,00 for a single picture which is sponsored picture or you can say, a post. It is bit surprising, no? that the world of internet is helping them so much to earn. Well, here are few high earning Instagram models who make brilliant money through their posts:

Paige Hathaway – £3.8 million

She is a fitness addict earning this much money for sponsoring deals for ‘Fitness Teas’ which contains laxatives to make you lose your weight.

Chantel Zales – £3.6 million

When she advertises hair removal products by posting pictures, she is able to earn grand money. She only uses the tag #TeamNoFuzz.

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