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Top 15 Horrifying Websites You Should Never Ever Visit

Baby Shark Feb 07, 2018
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13. Cryptomundo

This site documents their encounters or attempts to hunt down creatures like Chupacabras, Bigfoot, and an array of lake monsters and sea serpents. A very spooky site where they describe some very believable sightings of these creatures in locations all over the world, which leaves you answerless, whether there is any truth to the conspiracy theories behind their existence.

12. Hashima Island
It is a site where you travel around the forgotten world of Hashima, a deserted, creepy and abandoned island on the coast of Japan, which has a dark history, with its peak population in 1959 with 5,259 people occupying the island. In 1974, the coal mines were closed and all the residents departed leaving the island abandoned and has since been known as “the ghost island of Japan.” On the site, you will see everything from the “stairway to hell” to the actual coal mines and all of it looks so real giving a very creepy feeling.

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