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Top 15 Horrifying Websites You Should Never Ever Visit

Baby Shark Feb 07, 2018
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There are some very disturbing and creepy websites on the internet, when you visit, it scares the hell out of you. These horrifying websites are so dreadful, that it sends shivers down your spine, no matter how strong of a horror fan you maybe. These sites will be hard to digest, once you go into the depth of these horrifying websites. Hence a strict warning, that you should never ever visit these horrifying websites, for your well being.

Many of these horrifying websites founders have fallen into legal problems over the content, which is shared. We bring you several types of sites from online games to serial killers blogs.

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Therefore, we request you to sit back and check out these top 15 horrifying websites, which we recommend you to never ever visit.

15. White Enamel
This is a game site, which is certainly not for the weak-hearted, where you are made to go around an abandoned insane asylum and the game’s uncanny soundtrack of an old man singing will certainly startle you.This game is so terrifying that players often mistake the footage of the asylum as being real. Some even feel as if they are watching a horror movie. It can shockingly affect the weak-hearted. So, never ever play this game.

14. Plane Crash Info

A very heartbreaking site on this list, which provides access to accident stats, reports, maps, photos, and last words of plane crash victims, actual audio depicting the plane’s final moments in the air, the pilot’s orders, passengers’ final words, and the devastating moments the plane actually crashes below. This is really heavy and an emotional crash to deal with, for a normal person, to witness something so devastating.

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