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Tom Cruise Denies Wearing A Fake Butt In A Movie – But People Aren’t Buying It

Baby Shark Oct 03, 2017
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In the movie “Valkyrie”, Tom Cruise’s round butt has been in the news because people can’t believe that he can actually have such a round bottom. People have said that he must be wearing padding or a prosthetic butt.
Although many aspects have been stated about the “fake butt” story, Tom Cruise has weighed in on the story and said that the butt is not fake but the people are just not going to let it die.

A tweet regarding his butt in the movie “Valkyrie” went viral in August stating that:
“Hello, please, I present the theory that for one single shot in Valkyrie (2008), at 5:12, Tom Cruise wears a fake butt,” wrote a user known as Swizz Keats.

The likes, as well as retweets on this tweet, happen to be sixty thousand and the number of people who have done this is 17,000. The “fake butt” theory of Tom Cruise is the most popular on twitter these days and on Tuesday even Tom Cruise replied to an interviewr that:

“I have no idea,” said Cruise when he was asked about the fake butt theory and viral image. “There was no prosthetic in ‘Valkyrie.’ No.”

The interviewer, Alex Leadbeater, stated that “Cruise seemed unaware of the internet joke, finding the very idea of it causing a stir humorous.”

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