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Tired Of People Running Through The Hallway, This Company Decided To Install This Floor

Baby Shark Oct 20, 2017
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To avoid people from running down the hallway, A TILE company have innovated optical illusion surfacing.

An intelligent amalgamation of black and white tiles have been used by Manchester firm Casa Ceramica tiles to create the floor in their hallway emerge potholed, like a huge bend and slotted by the wall

The presence of a slope as achieved by creativity gives an illusion that if anyone runs in a hurry on the floor could fall down the “drop”.

But the reality is opposite the floor is quite even and its only the illusion of the black and white pattern that makes it feel like the whole surface is uneven and dangerous to walk fast.

A picture of the side other to the hall way have been shared by the director of Casa Ceramica, Duncan Cook,on twitter in which he exposed the way the company made such a nice effect full of creativity.

Tiles were embedded a curved pattern – that can be effortlessly seen from the alternative viewpoint.
And an optical illusion of apparent slope is observed by the viewer from this perspective when he views into the building.

Duncan said that the delusion is more intense on camera than in real life, tweeting: “It doesn’t look as bad to the human eye, only really come to life through the camera.”

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