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This Mom’s ‘Brilliant Peanut Butter Hack’ Is Being Ridiculed By The Internet. I’m Still Loling.

Baby Shark Oct 13, 2017
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With every passing moment, the world is getting busier. Gone are the days of idleness and leisure, of speculations and elaborations. Everyone these days wants to ease in household chores so that they can focus more on other stuff. Consequentially, meals have become simpler and less time taking and people in the food industry are looking for ways to make it even simpler.

But what does one say when someone complicates an easy thing and tries to sell it off as a hack? I, for one, call it clickbait.

Such is the case of Bev Weidner (a.k.a. Bev Cooks),  who is a mother and a food blogger. She is also known as Bev Cooks. Recently, she went viral on Facebook for starring in a video for the Food Network’s page. In the video, she is teaching the audience “the brilliant peanut butter hack you never knew you needed!”. Like everyone else, we wondered why the hell would we need a peanut butter hack? It is a hack in itself, being so delicious and ready to eat.


The video below teaches us to make Peanut Butter Slices, much like cheese slices. It involves spreading peanut butter on parchment paper and then folding the paper in half to hide the contents inside. After that, you have to roll it out and make it flat using a rolling pin. Then you freeze it overnight and take it out in the morning and cut the flattened and frozen peanut butter into bread sized slices. Then you take off the parchment paper and voila! Your peanut butter bread is ready!

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