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This Guy Tweeted A Request For Free Birthday Drinks & The Internet Provided — Kind Of

Baby Shark Oct 09, 2017
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People can be ingenious when it comes to free stuff. What we’re about to share is a classic example of the ingenuity that revolves around free stuff including the donators and the receivers. Last night, a Twitter [email protected] tweeted a photograph of his friend Nick with the caption “This is Nick, and it’s his birthday.” After this he goes on to tell the world their whereabouts. They were in a pub so he shared the name of the pub and the table number where they were seated and requested people to send Nick a drink through the bar’s app.

This was the ingenuity on the part of the requestors. What a great way to celebrate through free stuff and all the excitement that comes with the free stuff. But people showed these guys their ingenuity through the choice of items that they sent. The guys literally received stuff like peas with mustard and a non-alcoholic drink for a guy who has just turned 18!

The idea was widely liked as the original tweet got around 29,000 likes. It was a good idea and everyone had fun. Let’s enjoy the genuine wishful gifts and also the really cheeky ones. Let’s look at the pictures!

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