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This Everyday Activity Is Causing Blindness In Women

Baby Shark Oct 06, 2017
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These days hospitals are dealing with a problem called temporary blindness in which Patients, aged 22-44 years old are telling about being completely blind for about 2 and 15 min.This thing is quite serious though.

Subsequent to conducting lots of tests like MRI scans, and heart checks, doctors glanced at the women’s behaviours and revealed something shocking.

Now doctors have associated extreme phone usage to this blueprint of temporary blindness.We all know that before sleeping we have a habit of scrolling through Instagram but the women took it to next level and continued even after doctors advised her.

Why cell using your phone at night causes temporary blindness?This question can be further elaborated in research, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, to assist us to get a better understanding.While lying on one side of their body to check our phones can cause causes one eye to work overtime examining their phone.

Night time connection

As we finally go to sleep, this inconsistency among the eyes perplexes the brain as one eye was getting used to darkness, while the other was getting used to the brightness of the screen. For this reason, it is incapable to differentiate between daytime and nighttime.

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