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Things That People Who Were Born Anytime After The ’90s Just Won’t Get

Baby Shark Oct 10, 2017
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1. Fixing Your Nintendo Games

Blowing was the answer to everything, if your CD isn’t working, blow into the CD jack, if your Nintendo game isn’t working, blow into it. Blowing is so under rated these days.

2. The Discman

They were just the right size, and so handy! I don’t understand why they became extinct. There was nothing better than being able to play your CDs while walking, jogging and doing household chores.

3. Floppy Disks

Okay so I am a 90’s kid but even never got around to using one of these. However I had lots of them at my home and I just used to have fun poking them into the jack.

4. Way Before Texting

We used to write notes to each other. There would be greeting cards that we made ourselves, and invisible ink that everyone knew about but it was still a great way of communicating information.

5. French Toast Crunch

Who doesn’t remember French toast crunch? They were so much fun. They are still available on Amazon but at 22 dollars a box.

6. The Home Phone Cord

Well, home phones are still around but they are cordless now. Kids these days will never know the hassle of the long curly and twisty cords that would get all tangled up and we had to untangle them before using the phone. They were a source of many games for us back then.

7. Before GPS

Okay so before the advent of smartphones, we had to use big awkward maps for everything. They needed so much space but they were fun to use.

8. Before Unlimited Was A Thing

Yes, there was actually a time when parents preferred that we made our calls in the dead of the night. When we finally had cell phones they were really expensive so we had to use the home phone during the day and we could only use cell phones after 9 pm when they were free.

9. The OG Fidget Spinner

We had our own version of the fidget spinner. We had this rad bird thing that would swing around this rod. We also had many other fun games as digital fun was not very widely available back then.

10. Using A Cassette Tape

Cassettes may still be used these days. Like Hannah Baker used? But they show didn’t show the cons of using cassettes. You had to have a pencil and lots of turning and twisting if you wanted a particular song.