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These Insane Cheating Stories Will Make You Happy You’re Single.

Baby Shark Oct 30, 2017
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3.pornpundit probably dodged a bullet if this is how his ex-treats her cousin.

“I saw my (then) girlfriend on the street with some guy. They were physically comfortable, holding hands, butt touching, etc. After a while I decided to confront her. She tells me he’s only her cousin. Turns out he was actually her cousin”

4. dageekywon made the crucial mistake of not closing his credit cards.

“Married to my wife 6 months.
I work a lot (own a small business) so I’m gone a lot.
But I came home from the office part of my day to grab something I needed for a job I was headed to, heard noise in the bedroom, walked in and there she was, riding another guy.
They both looked at me, I looked at them, I grabbed what I needed and left quickly, telling her as I turned around that she better be gone when I got back.
I called a friend of mine who waited about 2 hours and then went to my place. She had left, taking essentials with her. The following weekend he stood in for me while she removed the rest of her stuff.
One mistake I made is that I didn’t cancel the credit cards of mine that she had cards of also. She went out that evening with that guy and ran them all up (about 5k or so, they were not major limit cards, I had only had them to help my credit score earlier and because I was making good money now, had been on a cash-only basis for a long while, which is probably why I forgot).
That was basically the end of the finding out.
Hiring an attorney for the divorce, who then hired a PI when she replied to my filing with a request for 2k in Alimony a month revealed that she had been cheating through the entire marriage and prior. 2 guys she had been with but dumped agreed to sign affidavits with the attorney, the PI took a crapload of pictures as well. She didn’t get the 2k a month once the judge saw all this at the final hearing to finalize the divorce.
After we had parted ways but were not divorced yet (this was 6+ years ago-took 6 months and a day in CA then from start to finish, its now something like 6 weeks) she went to a club and gangbanged about 10 guys in a back room.
After the divorce was final I haven’t seen her again. But I know she is in AZ because shes tried to get credit in my name there 3 times”

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