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These Insane Cheating Stories Will Make You Happy You’re Single.

Baby Shark Oct 30, 2017
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It is better to stay single and spend the weekend watching Netflix than being in a toxic relationship. The numerous stories on Redditors explain that every individual out there is a monster and will cheat on you once he/she gets the chance. Being single is better than being with someone who cheats on you which is why you should think again before starting a new relationship. Below are some of the most insane cheating stories that will make being single a bliss in solitude.

1. At least oneeyeddashaund definitely won this breakup.

“I posted this in a different thread a while ago:
about 14 years ago, I caught a girl I was dating for about 6 months blowing some guy in a bedroom at a party we went to. I walked in, saw her and said “well, we’re pretty much done.” turned and walked out.
I was walking out of the house and she chased me down. She started yelling at me that it was my fault I caught her and I shouldn’t be mad because she was trying to hide it.
My wife and I had her as a waitress last year and she’s still mad at me. She walked to our table, saw it was me and walked off. About 2 minutes later a different person was our server.
EDIT: to answer a few questions below, I assumed she was still mad because when she looked at me she just glared and walked away. It was one of the worst looks I’ve ever received from any person in my life.
The replacement server did a fantastic job, didn’t ask anything about the girl and I did tip pretty well. And the food was fine. It was a pretty nice place and I wasn’t worried about her ruining her job there over it. I had been told the servers there can make over $500 a night on tips”

2. My heart goes out to TeaCupLadyThis is truly awful.

“Woke up to him banging my friend next to me in the same bed.
Got up, put my clothes on and drove home, broke all the plates in my kitchen.
Sorry there isn’t more justice
Edit; Thanks for all the commiseration guys, here is the elaboration (also in the comments)
i had a staff party all day, text him afterwards asking if i could come over and stay as we had broken my bed the previous night, all was well, some of our friends were already there so we played drinking games, however the drinking and the partying all day got to me so i bailed to go to bed, a little while later i woke up because i felt movement and saw them, i got out of bed, shaking and started to put on my clothes.
he had the gall to ask me where i was going!
I just replied ‘i have to leave’
my ‘friend’ got out of bed and tried to hug me, i put my hand on her face and pushed her back onto the bed and left.
he followed me out the front and told me i was being ridiculous but i just ignored him, jumped in my car and left, i was a bottle of tequila down and really shouldnt have been driving, but i really didnt know what else to do, i mean, what can you do?”

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