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These ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters With Their Real-Life Partners Will Destroy Your Fantasies

Baby Shark Sep 28, 2017
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Fans of GOT are so invested in the show and its characters that it is hard for us (yeah we belong to the club) to imagine the actors out of character, having relationships with common people. Reality check, they do have relationships outside of GOT! So stop fantasizing and value the person in your life.

Here is an insight into the love lives of 10 GOT actors.

1. Jon Snow And Ygritte

It would be better to mention the one exception first, i.e Rose Leslie and Kit Harington are a real-life couple. In fact we just received news that they have been engaged to marry. Go Jon Snow!

2. Tormund Giantsbane

Kristofer Hivju has a journalist for a wife. Gry Molvær Hivju and he are the perfect pair. Don’t the redheads look just gorg?

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