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The Closer You Look At This Creepy Image, The More Disturbing It Gets.

Baby Shark Oct 26, 2017
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The horror striking painting by Jeff Lee Johnson is the most fanatically scary thing you have ever seen because this is another Mona Lisa but more like a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” kind. Jeff Lee Johnson has the knack for making things delightfully terrifying which is why this picture is going viral. This piece happens to be from his rulebook known as Fantasy Flight card game and is known as the “Where’s Waldo.”

The picture looks kinda okay at first but takes another look because this is no heaven, in fact, it has been dragged from hell.
The gory details keep appearing in the picture the more you look which makes it even more fascinating.

This effect is called “Blue Plate Special.”

Below are some of  ImgurTumblr, and Reddit users and the clues which show the details regarding the spooky things in the lunch scene.

• The knife happens to be bleeding.
• The blind man on the left is eating the raw eyeball.
• The woman dragging the child has tentacles.
• There is a mosquito face man at the counter.
• There is another man who has the same tentacles as the woman.

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