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Teenagers Killed Homeless Man Because They Thought It Was ‘Funny’

Baby Shark Jan 22, 2018
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Traces of Sirbu’s DNA was found in blood found in a caravan where Macdonald was arrested is revealed by a spokesperson.

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Pledger explained the case as:

… an utterly senseless attack on a young man who stood little chance of protecting himself. Razvan Sirbu was subjected to a horrific ordeal which appears to have been entirely unprovoked.

He was beaten repeatedly, suffering a catalogue of appalling injuries as a result of a sustained and savage assault.

Our investigation has uncovered compelling and overwhelming evidence linking the offenders to this murder, but their refusal to tell the truth may mean we never know precisely why they carried out this attack.

But the jury still found him to be involved in the act of killing Mr Sirbu according to The Mirror although Buckley was considered inappropriate to plead.

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