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Strict Etiquette Rules That Princesses Has To Follow

Jimmy Keith Aug 25, 2017
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Kate Middleton , the wife of Prince Williams is recognized all over the world not only because of being the wife of Prince but also because of her beauty and fashion that she follows. She remains in the news every second day and such celebrities always have to follow some strict Etiquette rules to follow, not only for themselves but also for the sake of the eyes of cameras present everywhere capturing each and every moment.

A well know Etiquette expert says that she knows as an expert that what goes through Kate Middleton’s mind whenever she is out in public and doing her job as duchess.

1- Kate goes for a firm and proper handshake , which is always good for showing case your personality.

2- As this is mentioned in the job description for a princess to host its people very well and it starts by inviting people through email or using other means.

3- Not just a formal invitation but it has to be narrow and specific as well with mentioned the start and end time so the guests must be fully aware and can set their timetable according to that.

4- It is also one of the rules for a princess to hold a bag. And whenever we see Kate Middleton publicly, she is most of the times holding a bag.

5- A princess has to gently close and open the door or when entering the room should be gentle. And when she is closing the door , the princess must exit very gently and once decided she should not turn back again towards its guests.

6- A princess can never directly say to anyone that she wants to go to bathroom but there is a way for princess for this action as well.The proper way for a princess is that she excuses herself from the people sitting around and places her napkin underneath her plate.

7- Whenever we see this beautiful duchess , Kate is always sitting in the same way on chairs and it is called “Duchess Slant”.

8- If any of the guests asks the princess to do the dishes , she has to say no to them directly.