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Someone Was Charged For Not Ordering Anything At All At McDonald’s

Baby Shark Sep 29, 2017
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As we can remember, McDonald’s has always been a favourite place for many. We all have gone there and enjoyed time with our friends and family. We all got excited by getting a happy meal, McNuggets and playing with the coolest toys.

Currently, McDonald’s provides a self-service kiosk. By this, not only you add or subtract the stuff from your burger but also interaction with the people can be avoided at McDonald’s. And now you have full control over your commands and specifications of your meals. If you don’t pay attention, the kiosk can be quite a perplexing thing…..Same goes for a Twitter user @Arikuyo who seems like a perfect example for illustration. See how…

When the Twitter tried to remove pickles from his cheeseburger, he thought that could literally cut down anything to everything.

He was then unable to apprehend that why McDonald’s was still charging him after he cut down everything from his burger…

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