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Snoop Dogg Depicts Trump’s Dead Body On His New Album Cover. Twitter Is At War.

Baby Shark Nov 13, 2017
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Get all set for some action, as Martha Stewart’s BFF Snoop Dogg has once again infuriated Trump supporters. Yesterday, the rapper shared a post-promo of his album and latest single, “Make America Crip Again.” A photo of his album cover, which was because of that fact has been deleted, illustrated Snoop standing over a corpse wrapped in an American flag with a toe tag stating “TRUMP.”

Snoop’s publicist told that the album has by now been released with a different cover. And since people have pointed out on Twitter, the EP’s original album cover emerges to be an indication to Ice Cube’s 1991 album “Death Certificate,” which illustrated the rapper standing over the dead body of Uncle Sam.

Both ways, Trump supporters on Twitter are very angry.

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