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Sky Diving Goes Wrong. Laverne Everett, 80-Year-Old-Woman, Nearly Falls Out Of Harness While Skydiving

Jimmy Keith Jul 23, 2017
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Smiling: Laverne looks at the camera as the plane makes it ascent in preparation for the jump

‘She was very close to slipping out,’ he said. ‘You can see from the video the instructor was trying to get to the harness and cling on to it. The person with the video camera was also trying to help.
‘It looks that she is a pretty frail and light woman which would have helped.’
‘At the start of the clip she is reluctant to jump and they were in a bad position with her holding onto the door frame as they left the plane.
‘Things like this have happened in the United States before and there have been two fatalities.

Struggle: After making the ascent, the woman apparently decided she did not want to make the jump which she had been planning for the last decade

Jump: With the woman appearing to resist, she plunges out of the plane. A British Parachute expert said the problems started because they were in the wrong position when they left the aircraft

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