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Secrets About ‘The Simpsons’ Most Fans Don’t Know

Baby Shark Oct 18, 2017
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I can bet that everybody has heard of The Simpsons. It is an ingenious show that explores the ins and outs of the American family and societal system. Here is a chance for the fans to learn some truly amazing facts about America’s favorite family.

1. The Couch Gag

The opening sequences of the Simpsons are quite interesting. They feature various little skits and short scenes related to the family. In some episodes, these couch gags are shorter and in some others, they are longer. Their variation in duration depends upon the duration of the actual episode. The couch gags and the episode itself together complete the run time of the show.

2. Cameo Recognition

The show has seen many cameo performances from various celebrities, who upon recognition have won awards such as Emmys for their role, such as Kelsey Grammer who did Sideshow Bob. Some other stars preferred not to be on the show.

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