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Pregnant Wife Punishes Husband’s Mistress By Stuffing Chili Peppers Into Her V*gina. Shocking!

Jimmy Keith Jul 23, 2017
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Vietnamese media reports Ly Chanel, 23, had noticed her husband had begun disappearing for hours on end.
They’d only been married seven months. And she was already bearing his first child.

Earlier this week, they followed Chien Keo, 24, to what turned out to be a motel rendezvous in Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam.
Three-months pregnant Ly interrupted the pair and stuffed chillis into the mistress’s vagina while her three female friends held her down on a motel bed.

She and four friends are thought to have followed him to a motel before bursting in on him with a young girl in Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam.

Local media reported Ly then put on latex gloves while three other women held down the mistress and assaulted her with super-hot red bird’s eye chillies.

Ly caught her husband cheating on her and allegedly sought revenge against the other woman.

Photos have emerged showing Ly and three other women allegedly stripping the mistress of her clothes, holding her down forcefully on a bed and putting the hot chili peppers in her vagina.

The expectant mother and four friends followed Chien to a motel before bursting in on him with her love rival in Thai Nguyen province, northeast Vietnam, on Tuesday afternoon.

The lady is held down by her head, arms and legs as she writhes in agony.
The remains of the peppers are smeared across her body and the bedsheets, while one of the outlookers films.

Then the group posted the pictures online, boasting of the punishment – but mobbed with a furious backlash as many were asking why she did not target her husband instead.

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