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Precious’ Star Gabourey Sidibe Loses 50 Pounds, Her Photos And Story

Jimmy Keith Aug 03, 2017
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Gabourey Sidibe was the actress who starred in Precious. It was the first movie she acted in and she earned an Oscar nomination for her performance in the film. Some interesting facts you may not have known are as follows:

– Sidibe was picked out of 400 other ladies for the role
– She was handpicked by Oprah to play the character, Precious
– It only took five weeks to shoot the entire film
– While Sidibe has been busy with her upcoming acting projects, she’s also been working hard on her personal goals.

While playing ‘Precious’ Jones, a sexual abuse victim, she weighed 350 pounds, which is considered obese.

#1. She became grossly overweight as a result of her mother force-feeding her, binging, and eating too much McDonald’s.

#2. Sidibe’s had to endure some of the cruelest remarks from her critics over her weight. Joan Cusack once said to her although Sidibe think she meant it in a good way, ‘Oh honey, you should really quit the business, it’s so image-conscious.’ Thankfully, Sidibe thought, ‘Oh, please don’t tell me to quit my job,’ in response.

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