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People Shared Their Real Life Stories About Opposite Sex And These Are Hilarious

Jimmy Keith Aug 25, 2017
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One of the most difficult thing in this world for many guys is to understand a girl’s mind. Many of the times guys fail to understand what a girl wants or is trying to do, even if she is giving obvious hints to him , they are unable to understand. Misinterpretations and misunderstandings between the these two opposite sexes can cause serious problems and everything could end in a minute. People share some of their real life stories where the opposite sex tried to seduce them by giving hints but still they were unable to understand the obvious hints and these are hilarious. Let’s take a look at these hilarious stories.

#1Well , the guy was still lucky to realize that though a bit lately , otherwise he would have been raising his family with any other girl right now.

#2Well ! This was really hilarious. She might be thinking now that she shouldn’t had talked about saving the water, maybe his then-boyfriend was a lot serious towards other things than being romantic.

#3The guy at least has the quality of listening straight to its people and he should be given a medal for that.

#4This guy maybe has a love for its clothes and what is wrong in caring for your own clothes.

#5Lame ! The person may love to sleep in a larger space , two people in same tent can make that person’s area to sleep a bit narrow,  that can be understood.

#6Regret is what makes people angry and flashed back into memories , take a deep breathe and move on.

#7At least this guy is comfortable everywhere.

#8 Full Stop.

#9The guy is atleast caring enough to put a lot of effort for her.

#10Awww ! A good gesture.

#11Maybe he didn’t want her to have fever and get cold in rain, well he must be caring.