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People Share The Most Alluring Offer Turned Down By Them.

Ayesha JT Jan 22, 2018
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3: ”A guy dropped a wad of 100’s at a taco stand while he was paying. I pointed it out and he picked it up and left without even saying thanks. The guy who was behind me paid for me and said that I should have taken it. But I feel good when I think about it. I did the right thing.”

4: ”At my first job when I was 16 or 17, I got my first paycheck. The bank fudged a decimal on in the paycheck. I could have just cashed the check and it would have been a lot more than I should get. The bank would have been at fault.
It wasn’t my concern but I returned it back and waited for another one. A couple of months later I got a substantial raise, the reason cited being my honesty.”

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