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People Share The Most Alluring Offer Turned Down By Them.

Baby Shark Jan 22, 2018
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It requires an immense strength of character to deny something that we crave for but know that it won’t be the right/moral thing to do. In a world where everyone is going for the easy way out, where people are taught to let go, relax and loosen up and where morals are considered boring, such people shine bright like a diamond.

Here we share with you guys what some guys shared with us regarding their experience of similar sorts. Let’s hope this is an inspiration to everyone out there to remain steadfast and do the right thing rather than the fun one.

1: ”I refused a marriage proposal in front of so many people. No, it’s not what you are thinking.
Once a girl likes me and she were under the wrong impression that I like her too. We were not dating at that time. She invited me to a basketball game and she thought that I was in love with her too.
It was not easy to say No to such an alluring offer in front of so many people but I anyway did it. I felt guilt for days as I thought I did something wrong.”

2: ”I was the slot machine attendant in a famous casino. My work was to hand the pay jackpots that were more than 250$. Once a man who won 150,000$ made me an alluring offer. He wanted to give me 10,000 as a tip but I refused it as the casino I was working in was a government casino. It was difficult for me to deny it but I did it anyway and turned down his offer.”

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