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Online Shopping Disasters That Will Make You Want To Actually Walk Into A Store.

Baby Shark Jan 17, 2018
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Some would say that online shopping is the best thing that ever happened since, I don’t know, electricity? There are just so many perks of online shopping. First and foremost, you don’t have to get off your lazy ass. You don’t have to shower, change clothes, dry hair and go out and meet people. You also don’t have to go from place to place which is so tiring. The order arrives at your doorstep and all you have to do now is get up and pay the delivery person.

Now what could go wrong with online shopping, the seemingly best thing since electricity? As it turns out, lots of things. We might neglect to read some important details about the stuff that we are about to order such as the size. The colors could turn out all wrong, the material could be shitty, the quality could be horrendous and finally, we might not like it in real. Here are some examples of how people lost when they gambled with online shopping.

1. At least the cat can finally carry its own books to school.

2. You never know when you might get bitten by a radioactive giraffe, making you grow several feet in mere seconds.

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