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Mom Shares Side-By-Side Video Of Pregnancy With Twins Versus Carrying Just One. It’s Eye-Popping.

Baby Shark Nov 20, 2017
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Natalie Bennett, a vlogger and a mother of two toddler twins, is 36-weeks pregnant with a baby girl. It’s not needless to say here that she is quite busy.

Posted by Natalie Bennett on Monday, July 18, 2016

However, Natalie Bennett still manages the time quite well to create and edit her own videos. This one took hold of the attention of Imgur for an implausible side-by-side image, and she’s uploaded on YouTube to evaluate the variation between being pregnant with twins and being pregnant with a single baby.

Her indications are deeper than the following side-by-side, even though it’s quite an eye-opener.

Twins vs. One Baby

This is Bennett pregnant at 36 weeks with her twins and on the other side is 36 weeks Bennett with her one baby. Can you tell the difference?

Bennett said on the uploaded image:

I had a huge body by the end. My belly was so ridiculously large it looks inhuman. … The thumbnail of it is downright shocking. People look at it and they go ‘oh my gosh what am I looking at.’

“I had a huge torpedo belly sticking out like a freaking shelf,” she said, amusingly. “It was so heavy.”

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