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Mom Has Devastating Miscarriage; Then Doctor Reveals Miracle

Ayesha JT Sep 26, 2017
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The devastating pain of miscarriage tends to be the fate of one out of four women which mean that these women have to go through the stages of grief as well as loss. One such woman is Sadie who lost her baby to ectopic pregnancy.

In one of the fallopian tubes of Sadie, the baby developed but the tube raptured eventually because of why the pregnancy could not be saved.

After this tragic loss, Sadie went for a short vacation for three months. However, her stomach was still quite stolen during the vacation. When she went back to the doctor, it was revealed that she was still pregnant!

The twin in her womb remained undiscovered at the time of miscarriage because the bleeding in the raptured tube concealed the pregnancy. Sadie gave birth to her son, Teddie through C-section and her sadness from the miscarriage turned into joy after the healthy baby boy was born.

PIC FROM CATERS NEWS – (PICTURED: Sadie and Teddie soon after giving birth) –