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Mom And Disabled Son Go Into Wal-Mart, Reurn To Find Nasty Note Slapped Onto Car

Jimmy Keith Aug 10, 2017
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The phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” may be old, but it’s still teaching lessons to this day. When people can’t see your disabilities, sometimes they make snap judgments and do cruel things. Nikki Waller and her sons found this out the hard way when they went to a local Wal-Mart in Pennsylvania.

Waller parked in a handicapped spot close to the store. She has a handicap tag for her car because her 7-year-old son Alex has juvenile arthritis with myalgia and hypermobility disorder, according to The Mighty. This painful condition makes it difficult for him to walk.

The fact that Waller and her sons appeared able-bodied must’ve set an unseen bystander off because when Waller came out of the store, she found a rude note on her windshield. It said, “Reserved parking @*#hole Did your welfare check come today?” according to WTAE.

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