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Mom Accidentally Cooks Dinner With Cannabutter And Gets The Whole Family High.

Baby Shark Dec 09, 2017
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Dreamblook , a Redditor, accidentally got his entire family high when his mother cooked dinner with the cannabutter he had stowed in a fridge. The guy left his cannabutter in the kitchen fridge which his unsuspecting mother thought was vegan butter and used it for cooking dinner.

This guy did what anyone would do under such circumstances. He posted the question on the internet and asked other Reddit users if they knew what he could do for damage control.Dreamblook  was afraid his family would soon begin to feel the effects of the cannabutter they had injested and one of the user suggested that he should, “Film them because it’s bound to be funny.”

Dreamblook kept posting the updates throughout the dinner including how his uncle, who was hardly affected by the cannabis, kept laughing every time he looked at him. His mother, who thought that the butter caused food poisoning was freaking out and wanted to go to the hospital.

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