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Model sparks outrage after followers notice this in photo of her holding newborn

Jimmy Keith Aug 10, 2017
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New moms often get inundated with unsolicited tips, advice, and even criticism — and fitness model Chontel Duncan now understands that extends into the world of social media too. Is this a story of social media backlash gone too far? See the comments and judge for yourself.

Fitness guru and model Chontel Duncan has defended herself on social media after she posted a photo of her 13-day-old son lifting his head.
The Brisbane resident took the photo in the mirror, holding her phone with one hand and her son, Jeremiah Thomas, with the other.
Jeremiah, who was swaddled in a soft blue wrap, had his head lifted off Chontel’s chest, prompting a mixed reaction from her 477,000 Instagram followers.

In the photo below you can see Duncan’s baby boy Miah upright against her chest with his head lifted up. Not everyone liked the way this was done though.


Many commenters accused her of being too concerned with taking selfies to make sure he didn’t lift his head this way — which sometimes isn’t safe for newborns. When Duncan replied saying that she just was holding her baby that way for a moment, her critics were not satisfied.

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