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Miniature Game Of Thrones Sculptures Made On The Tip Of The Pencil

Jimmy Keith Aug 30, 2017
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Game of thrones is the most watched and most loved season by many people and there are a number of reasons behind it. There are millions of fans who just go crazy over watching every released episode of Game of thrones. Game of thrones has been trending all over social media specially for its superb script , much more action and all the things that most people wanted has now occurred in this season. One of the thing that every game of thrones fans was waiting was the the beginning of the love story between John and Daenerys. And that occurred in the finale of season 7 that just got released two days ago. And also the wall was broken so that means the last season would be full of much more action and drama. Such a fan has showed his love for game of thrones by making sculptures of game of thrones characters on the tip of the pencil and these are awesome to see.

1- Dragon Drogon

One of the dragon of Daenerys is this dragon which is known to be aggressive of all.

2- White Wolf

Since John is white and the wolf is the symbol of starks so he is also known as white wolf. Also we know he had a white wolf that was loyal to him throughout.

3- Direwolf Of Winterfell

The family of wolves raised by the house of starks is Direwolf containing many wolves.

4- King Pin

Costume accessory worn by the hand of the king in game of thrones is this king Pin

5- Khaleesi’s Dragons

The famous dragons of Khaleesi’s can be seen designed in a very creative way on the tips of the pencil.6- Dragon’s Egg

This is the sculpture of the shape of the eggs of Khaleesi’s Dragons.

7- The Long Sword

It is one of the two Valyrian steel long swords made from Ice.

8- The Night King

Who can forget this creature that broke the wall with his ice dragon in the finale of season 7 of Game of thrones.

9- White Walker

The night king is followed by these white walkers which turned the people into dead.

10- Symbols Of Westeros

All of the seven kingdoms contain houses that rule them and these are some of the symbols of them.