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Maid-Of-Honor Photobombs Bride And Groom’s Wedding Photos

Baby Shark Nov 13, 2017
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As a bride-to-be is taking into consideration that who ought to be her maid of honor, the brain says that it should be her closest best friend. It’s quite understandable who that individual is, however lest it’s not, this story provides us with a decisive practical factor: “If she pranks your wedding photos and you still want to be her friend, she should be your maid of honor.”

The couple Rebecca and James Foster of Alberta from Canada recently got married.So in fact, Rebecca’s maid of honor Sharilyn Wester was a massive element of the celebration. The wedding photographer, Ashley Hempel, requested Sharilyn to lend a hand with the veil toss part of the couple’s photo shoot. That’s where Sharilyn saw a chance for an exceptional photobomb.

What a photobomb! However, Sharilyn didn’t stop soon after one pose.

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