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Long-haired lady demonstrates how she achieves her favorite ‘lazy bun’

Jimmy Keith Aug 10, 2017
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Love your long hair but need to keep it out of your face? This real-life Rapunzel has a nearly effortless solution that even the laziest person can master.

In the video tutorial below, Katelyn Stromgren, known on social media as LeaningFeline, shows us how she styles her thigh-length tresses on an everyday basis. According to the video description, Stromgren decided to upload this video to YouTube after receiving a request from a friend. She titles the tutorial “The Long-Haired’s Guide to Lazy Bun Perfection” and proves that having long hair doesn’t need to be a hassle.

To begin, Stromgren brushes through her locks to remove any knots or snarls, but she also notes that the especially lazy can omit this step. From there, she gathers her hair into a ponytail near the crown of her head and twists counterclockwise. Stromgren then brings the twisted length to the front of her head to make sure everything is twisted.

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