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Jason Biggs’ Son’s Hilarious Bunk Bed Fail Has The Internet Loling.

Baby Shark Dec 06, 2017
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Most kids go through the stage when they want to have a bunk bed instead of a normal bed. I never asked for one because I had no one to share my bed with. But my cousins had one and we enjoyed it for a while but eventually grew out of it. Now it serves as a storage unit in the basement.

Some kids don’t get used to the idea of their siblings sleeping overhead; their bed moving with every movement of their sibling, not to mention the pee scenario. Yikes! Seems like Sid Biggs, the 3-year-old son of actors Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen is having more or less the same problem with his bunk bed.

Sid Biggs is the actor who appeared in American Pie and Orange Is the New Black. “Sid is loving his new bunk bed!” Biggs wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of Sid asleep.

Sid is loving his new bunk bed!

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Behold Sid sleeping on the floor despite his new bunk bed and two new mattresses. Sid likes the carpet better.
Honestly speaking, for a three-year-old a bunk bed might not be the best idea. They may feel claustrophobic in the lower one and may face height phobia in the upper portion. In addition to that, Sid’s bunk bed seems to have a tight fencing which probably makes him feel even more enclosed.

Anyhow the irony of the situation is not affected by any of our prior arguments; the parents wanted their kid to enjoy a good night’s sleep and he is; only not on the gadget that the parents spent so many good-earned dollars on.


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