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Husband Hilariously Documents His Existential Crisis When His Wife Drags Him To IKEA.

Baby Shark Oct 12, 2017
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IKEA is every woman’s paradise. They have the right prices, a never-ending list of stuff and so much variety! When we have nothing else to do we like to just go there and look at stuff. Men don’t like IKEA for all the reasons that we like it. It makes them question their existence because let’s face it even if they are with us, we never really want their opinion. They don’t like the abundance of options and they don’t understand the need for new stuff. Men are boring.

One man from this under-represented community of husbands was brave enough to document the entire visit to IKEA with his wife. He documents his observations without any judgement and expresses his need to understand the reason behind these frequent visits to IKEA.

I bet that every man can relate to his experience because men, as a community, have been burned by IKEA.

So for no reason apparently, they start shopping in the café. They are going to have lunch here.

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