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Here’s The Video Making Its Rounds On The Internet That Has People All Over Up In Arms

Jimmy Keith Jan 24, 2017
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It’s probably safe to say that the majority of the human race doesn’t love being exposed to freezing cold weather. Not only is it sometimes unbearable, but it’s just simply uncomfortable and time consuming having to bundle up in the various layers that are needed to keep you warm in the frigid winter months.

But, the cold weather and water is known to impart some good on the human body. For one thing, we tend to burn more calories when the weather is cold because our bodies have to work harder to warm us up. So, if you want an ultimate fat-blasting workout…lace up your running shoes and go out for a jaunt in below freezing weather. Just be sure that you don’t slip and fall on the ice. Still doesn’t sound worth the pain you have to endure to get a good workout?

REMEMBER: Go to AWM.com to see today’s best comments!Well, one mama in Russia is causing quite a stir across the internet, as she shares her cold weather practices with the world. Evidently, it is a common practice in Russia to dip babies in the freezing cold water, as it is known to build up the baby’s immune system. After 38,000 Facebook views, she is getting various different critiques about her parenting skills, both good and bad.

In the video below you can witness this woman, who has been deemed as the “Mad Mom,” swinging and flipping her baby around before she swishes him in the bitter lake water.

She starts out by holding her naked baby by the ankles upside down, and flings him up so he is face up and the bounce of the swing moves him into a natural squatting position. Seems harmless right? After she does this warmup technique, she wades out into the water and swishes the baby by the wrists, letting his lower body dip in the frigid water.

The baby actually seems rather content going through the motions of this traditional Russian routine, but there are several commenters who feel different about her choice in parenting style…

“As a physical therapist I have to admit that this border line insane. Even though babies are way more flexible than adults or teens this violent swinging back and fourth could end up dislocating the baby’s arms and or legs and cause a myriad of other structural problems as it develops. Seriously this is child abuse.”

And others are taking the “Mad Mom’s” side, going by the joy that she and the baby seem to be experiencing in the video…

“They have been doing this for a long time. The kids come out fine. Stop acting like human beings are extremely fragile.”

“It has to work. Just look at what the lady is wearing so comfortably. She’s not even shivering. She doesn’t look like she’s trying to hurt her baby at all and I’m sure she mastered the technique before doing that to her baby.”

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