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Guy Switches His Parents’ Jesus Picture With Something Hilarious. They Still Haven’t Noticed.

Ayesha JT Oct 12, 2017
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A joyous fun-filled moment is that moment in which you switch the stuff present in your home without even making your parents notice it.They may notice it on spot or after sometimes but the interval period in between is the most memorable one.We know that it is an ideal thing for people to annoy other people, but when it comes to your own parents: They are the one that loves you the most.

A Redditor posted a holler to his brother on Wednesday. A framed picture of Jesus is substituted with a picture of Ewan McGregor as Star Wars’ Obi Wan Kenobi by him.

The funny thing is that it’s been three months ,but there are unable to grab the attention.Great! (*hurray*)

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