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Guy Photoshops Himself Into Childhood Pics To Hang Out With His Childhood Self, And The Result Is Just Too Realistic

Baby Shark Oct 20, 2017
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It’s not necessary that Photoshop can only be used when you want to troll someone, in fact, it can be used for more fun purposes such as Photoshoping yourself in your childhood photos. This was done by the Montreal photographer known as Conor. Conor has created a complete set or art through these photos and they are hilarious as well as nostalgic. The photos range from 1997 till 2005 which is actually pretty nostalgic to look at.

Conor stated that “While looking through some old family photos, I wondered what it would it look like if tried to photoshop myself today into them.”He further writes that, “I gathered all the old hats and t-shirts that I could find and did my best to put myself into childhood moments which, aside from these photos, remain only a distant memory.”

He even explained the main aspects which were the biggest challenge for him by saying that,”It involved a lot of blurring, sharpening, and noise to try to get it to look like an older photo.”

Furthermore, he said that “Editing the pictures and looking at them so closely for so long takes a bit away from the shock value, but seeing the final images all together definitely is a bit strange! I feel like me and little me would have gotten along pretty alright.”



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