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Gruesome Moment Basketball Player’s Eye Pops Out During Game

Jimmy Keith Feb 01, 2017
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Now, if you’re sitting there wondering how on earth an eyeball can even pop out of its socket, you’re not alone. It happened when Cairns Taipans centre Nnanna Egwu’s finger accidentally dislodged Mitchell’s eyeball, which is pretty much the most disgusting thing you’re likely to read all day.

However, don’t fret too much, because Mitchell was immediately whisked to hospital and appears to be recovering well. It’s not thought that he’ll suffer any lasting damage to his sight, although he’s been booked in for more tests today.

If you’re now filled with way too much curiosity to let this one go, you can check out the video over on the next page, along with an interview with Mitchell after the incident. Just remember you’re about to see a man’s eyeball POP OUT OF HIS FACE. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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