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Girl Found Guilty Of Demanding Boyfriend To Kill Himself

Jimmy Keith Jun 16, 2017
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A young woman who sent a barrage of text messages to another teenager urging him to kill himself was found guilty Friday of involuntary manslaughter in a case that many legal experts had expected to result in an acquittal.

Michelle Carter, the young woman who told her boyfriend over 40 times to commit suicide before he eventually did, has today been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

Crying in court, Carter was told by Judge Lawrence Moniz that the messages she sent to her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, were not only immoral but illegal, reports New York Times.

In a trial that lasted a week, prosecutors used Ms. Carter’s text messages to paint a portrait of a needy, insecure teenager who pushed Mr. Roy to kill himself in an effort to gain attention. Defense lawyers used the same messages to depict Ms. Carter as a misguided teenager, addled by medication, who thought she was helping a deeply troubled friend.

Ms. Carter and Mr. Roy texted incessantly about their troubles: depression for him, an eating disorder for her, and profound social anxiety for both. When Mr. Roy told Ms. Carter in June 2014 that he was seriously considering suicide, she told him he had a lot to live for and urged him to seek help.

“I’m trying my best to dig you out,” Ms. Carter wrote.

“I don’t wanna be dug out,” Mr. Roy answered, adding later, “I WANT TO DIE.”

In a decision which most legal experts were not expecting, the verdict found Carter guilty meaning that a person’s words alone can directly result in death.

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