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Game Of Thrones Sex Toys Have Officially Arrived To Prove: Winter Came… Again And Again

JBoy Jul 23, 2017
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It’s the time to get excited once again as last Sunday HBO premiered the much awaited season 7 of their most famous show Game Of Thrones. Yes, all of us including the die hard Fans have been long waiting this particular season since show runners announced it wouldn’t come out as the past regularly scheduled seasons did in April of every year.

But this time we had to wait until July to see the show develop into it’s final stages and fans have been more than patient. So since there was so much time left in the hands of the fans, we have the results of exactly what these geeks have been up to. And it’s nothing innocent…

Just like there are sex toys themed for Marvel and DC comics, there are now some for GOT fans and honestly… They are kind of cool looking. As it turns out, there are GOT themed sex toys for those who couldn’t wait for winter to come, pun intended.

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